Pacific Northwest Summer Road Trip

It’s way past the end of summer and I’m ashamed to admit I am only posting my August road trip adventures NOW.  Never fear though, the magic of the Pacific Northwest and summer road trip is timeless in my opinion and even more so in the Fall.

The road trip was somewhat spontaneous and came about due to extra vacation days available, nice weather on the horizon and the lure of being in a car for 15 hours.  Seriously, for me there truly is nothing like the open road and the freedom that comes with it.

While on the road it’s always an interesting challenge to find good food that won’t require a three hour wait.  Although not a quick stop, in Ashland Oregon helped fuel our batteries for the road ahead AND transition into a relaxed state-of-vacation mode.
47 N. Main Street
Ashland OR 97520

Bruschetta with fresh cheese on top.
Bruschetta with fresh cheese –, Ashland OR

Once in the Northwest we hopped a ferry headed for Port Townsend, a charming town that boasts amazing views of the water, a plethora of Victorian houses  and Sea J’s for fish and chips (with lots of really good tartar sauce.)

Crispy fish and creamy tartar sauce to the side.
Crispy fish and creamy tartar sauce at Sea J’s

Sea J’s
2501 Washington Street
Port Townsend WA
(360) 385-6312

Following on the fish and chips theme – some might call it an obsession – we stopped at a relic from the past on our way back to the Bay Area…Skippers Fish and Chips in Roseburg Oregon.

I was trying to express my love of this chain but the run-down mall it was housed in didn’t generate as much enthusiasm as I’d expected from my driving partner.  Buying a case of clam chowder – “it will last longer” boasted the cashier – and fitting it into our packed trunk was quite the challenge but worth the effort in my opinion.

Anyway, I’ll always have the memories of Ashland…and 12 cans of chowder for the rainy days ahead!

Skippers Fish & Chips
2090 NW Stewart Pkwy
Roseburg OR 97470

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