Happy Heart Day From Sonoma CA

Right now I’m sitting in one of the most beautiful places overlooking a sunset while dressed in jeans and t-shirt. Did I mention it’s February and I’m in Sonoma CA? Ok, so I am one lucky person. And if you think I’m partaking in “humble bragging” (it’s actually a term!) the sentiment is humbly sincere with no bragging intended. 

My appreciation for this moment is due somewhat in part to the obstacle course of life throughout 2015. When my frustration reached a fever pitch and I complained someone said “the universe is telling you something” and I believe I mentally rolled my eyes. But it’s true, the message-while on the opposite ends of the spectrum-came through loud and clear:

Slow down to appreciate the people and things around me but… “Stuff happens” so look forward and move on (faster)…

While this post is too late to be my new years resolution and too early to forecast total bliss in 2016, it’s enough to enjoy the setting sun and be grateful for what’s to come.

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I’m a tech marketer by day and a wannabe cook once my laptop powers down. These days, the line between quitting time and play is pretty thin. It's why I like a little discovery in the kitchen— creativity in prep and ingredients—to take the edge off the mundane and make food and feasts fun. Because let’s face it, if it’s not fun, then somewhere, somehow, you’re doing it wrong.

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