Starbucks Reserve In the Name of Coffee & Croissants

It’s no secret, I am a hard core coffee connoisseur and also a fan of Starbucks anything. A recent visit to the new trendy Starbucks Reserve Roastery on Capitol Hill (Seattle) served up my quintessential favorites: coffee, croissants and cool vibe.

We have a Reserve near where I live in California, but I’m not yet convinced it can rival the essence of Capitol Hill. But if I’m craving a caffeine buzz, I could be convinced!

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I’m a tech marketer by day and a wannabe cook once my laptop powers down. These days, the line between quitting time and play is pretty thin. It's why I like a little discovery in the kitchen— creativity in prep and ingredients—to take the edge off the mundane and make food and feasts fun. Because let’s face it, if it’s not fun, then somewhere, somehow, you’re doing it wrong.

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