SF Restaurants: Piccino, Rickshaw Bags, Serpentine

Just when you think you’ve explored the Bay Area to its full extent another up-and-comer crops up and you’ve got a new selection of SF restaurants and shops to explore.  So it is with the “Dogpatch” in San Francisco located a tad south of the ballpark and newly emerging biotech area.

Looking for great food in a stylish but relaxed setting?  Try Piccino which serves a bevy of pizzas, salads and small plates.  One such small plate that’s not to be missed is the meatballs and sauce.  I must say that although the meatball was certainly delicious it was really the sauce that had me ooh-ing and ahh-ing.  Tangy, rich and well-seasoned with what seemed to be a touch of wine (always a favorite addition to my sauces!)

Next up, the funghi pizza in all it’s morel-ish glory.  Topped with cheese and a thin blanket of pesto – and tasting nothing like your everyday pesto – we were told it contained mushrooms and herbs but no nuts.   A nice touch given the plethora of allergies which seem to abound these days.

Mouth-watering meatball with extraordinary sauce to top it off.
This is a good meatball covered in an extraordinary sauce.  Don’t skip this dish!
Close up shot of Funghi pizza.
Loved the flavor and beautiful presentation of this funghi pizza.

After our meal we headed across the street to Rickshaw where they make custom bags – all types and sizes.  You can select the style and then choose the color, texture and piping to fit your design aesthetic.  All in all, a good price for what looks to be a great product (waiting for it to be delivered).

At this point we were headed down the street for some ice cream but sheepishly returned to Piccino about 30 minutes later for dessert.  We chose to ignore the odd glance from the host and confirmed with the waiter “yes, we WERE here a bit ago and seated in a different location”.  Sometimes you really can’t get enough of a good thing!

Two other SF restaurants which we did not hit this time around:  Serpentine (great brunch place) and Mr. and Mrs. Miscellaneous (ice cream and sweets).

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