Lola’s Bistro in Cheese Country – Hilmar

Hilmar is my kind of town: located in the heart of foodland and boasting a sign that reads “Did you bring your cheese?” as you enter. A town after my own heart!

On a short visit to pick up some milk to make–what else–cheese, my pass-through allowed for two stops, lunch at Lola’s Bistro and a few cheese samples at Hilmar Cheese.

Although we showed up after the lunch hour (right as they were closing) the folks at Lola’s opened the doors and served us! Amazing. We had a great meal of fish and chips, broccoli cheddar soup and a well-cooked burger. The food was great but it was really the passion from the people and the laid-back setting that put this over-the-top.

Thanks to the amazing staff!

Lola’s Bistro
19920 1st Street
Hilmar, CA 95324

Hilmar Cheese
9001 Lander Avenue
Hilmar CA 95324

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