Miette, Macarons and More in Hayes Valley

Hayes Valley is a very walkable, enjoyable neighborhood perfect for window-shopping and lunching.  Pair it with a Saturday morning and your favorite friends and you’ve got a fun way to play tourist in San Francisco.

First things first; if you arrive at a decent hour parking isn’t too hard to find.  Both times I recently visited parking was no problem and the meters now accept credit cards.  Somehow paying $4 on your credit seems more palatable than plugging $2 worth of quarters into the old-school machines.

Next, there are a few “must stops” on my local tour:  La Boulangerie (yes, the bakery now owned by Starbucks) and Miette.  The first offers up delicious almond croissants and turnovers – love the lemon – and Miette has enough sugar to make my dentist wince.  It’s eye-candy at its finest and a great start to the day for me.

449 Octavia St
San Francisco
(415) 626-6221

Rows of cupcakes in bakery
Miette treats:  delightful!

In addition to the bakeries mentioned, I love some of the fashionable boutiques such as Azalea  (clothing for men and women) and Azil (great jewelry at affordable prices).  Also, do stop by the heavenly-scented bath/home furnishing store “Nancy Boy” to check out the unique items on hand.

There is so much to see in Hayes Valley.  Hopefully, this will motivate you to create your own visit to this urban playground where you’ll find many fine things tasty and fashionable.

Azalea Boutique
411 Hayes St San Francisco, CA 94102(415) 861-9888

398 Hayes St San Francisco, CA 94102(415) 551-1590

Azil Boutique
451 Hayes St San Francisco, CA 94102(415) 552-2335

Stylish jewelry at affordable prices!

Nancy Boy
347 Hayes St San Francisco, CA 94102(415) 552-3636

Chantal Guillon
437 Hayes St San Francisco, CA 94102(415) 864-2400

Rows of Macarons on display
Macarons on display at Chantal Guillon
croissants on display.

La Boulange almond croissants.  On my list of faves.
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