Frances SF: Reservations are worth the wait!

Editor’s note: according to the website, Frances will be opening soon. I hope so, and will be in line for a reservation!

Best of, and for a reason

The never-ending quest to try “the best of” leads me to Frances which has been on my list (and Michael Bauer’s too) for a while. Too lazy to get in line for a reservation but lucky enough to have an equally adventurous (and planning-minded) friend I finally made it to Frances. The wait was worth it.

With a menu that avoids the standard fare, it’s also standard enough with a twist to make it interesting.

A sampling of what we ordered

• applewood smoked bacon beignets with maple crème fraiche and chive, panisse frites

• crispy chickpea fritters and calabrese chili aoli (yum!)

• Dungeness crab salad with tarragon vinaigrette and Owari Satsuma mandarin

• Five Dot bavette steak – toasted faro, maitake, baby fava beans (the best dish for our night)

Tableside Carafe

An interesting concept at Francis, they leave a large carafe of wine on the table and you can pour at your leisure. If you want just a small taste, you are billed by the ounce. Nice and smart although we did empty the entire carafe!

3870 17th Street
San Francisco CA 94114
(415) 621-3870

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