This was my second time dining at Cotogna in San Francisco and made me wonder why I’d waited so long to return.  One reason:  reservations are tough to secure!  Still, the resulting meal was well worth the effort to snag a table in this establishment. 

One dish I had vowed to order again upon return was the raviolo di ricotta.   What’s not to like about cheese and a soft-cooked egg wrapped in pasta and floating in browned butter?  For one thing, it’s a tad small for the price – $16.   You can, however, take comfort in the richness of the sauce which makes for great dipping of the bread at the table.

Up next for me, the porchetta della casa which is essentially pork nestled in pork belly.  Extremely decadent and…let’s just say very caloric…but sooooooo delicious if you like this type of thing.  I didn’t eat the entire dish because it’s possible my food coma might have lasted into the new year.  However, I did take the remaining pork belly home and it became part of a seafood dish for the grill. Check out Cotogna for yourself!


490 Pacific Ave

San Francisco, CA 94133

(415) 775-8508

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I’m a tech marketer by day and a wannabe cook once my laptop powers down. These days, the line between quitting time and play is pretty thin. It's why I like a little discovery in the kitchen— creativity in prep and ingredients—to take the edge off the mundane and make food and feasts fun. Because let’s face it, if it’s not fun, then somewhere, somehow, you’re doing it wrong.

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