Blue Sky Cafe

Blue Sky Café

1625 El Camino Real #9
Belmont CA 94002

I’ve driven the stretch on El Camino about a zillion times without seeing the Blue Sky Cafe. That’s because you REALLY have to pay attention and quickly pull into the strip of businesses/stores before the car behind you drives over you.

If you stop, I think you’ll be happy you did. The place has a menu that stretches for miles, but if you want variety and good food at value prices (yes, my favorite) then give it a try. With the 3/$19.95 menu, you can’t go wrong!

Here’s an example of just a few items on the 3/$19.95 list:

  • Eggplant with spicy garlic sauce
  • Sauteed prawns with greens
  • Mongolian beef (not in a soy saucy type sauce – don’t expect what you’d expect from say…PF Changs)
  • Basil tofu (delish – if you like tofu)
  • Cashew chicken
  • Basil chicken
  • Broccoli beef

Blue Sky Cafe receives “many stars” from me! Enjoy.

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I’m a tech marketer by day and a wannabe cook once my laptop powers down. These days, the line between quitting time and play is pretty thin. It's why I like a little discovery in the kitchen— creativity in prep and ingredients—to take the edge off the mundane and make food and feasts fun. Because let’s face it, if it’s not fun, then somewhere, somehow, you’re doing it wrong.

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