Bistro Don Giovanni

There are many great dining choices in Napa but Bistro Don Giovanni always tops my list of favorites. The setting is comfortable, whether you’re sitting on the patio dining al fresco or seated inside by the fireplace on a drizzly day.   While the setting is key to the overall experience the food is definitely the star of the show; a blend of local flavor and Italian flair served up by the expert staff.

The only problem I have with Bistro Don Giovanni is that there are SO MANY choices and I like them all!  From pasta to fish and the starters it’s hard to narrow my meal to just a few items.  This time we focused on the basics: a perfectly cooked burger, fig pizza with blue cheese (amazing flavor) carpaccio, and a rich decadent chocolate mousse.  All basic but nothing bland!

Thin crusted pizza on with cheese and greens on top.
The fig and blue pizza starter is absolutely divine!
Carpaccio artfully displayed on plate.
Carpaccio done well
Chocolate mousse in wine glass with biscotti to the side.
Chocolate mousse and biscotti

Bistro Don Giovanni
4110 Howard Ln  Napa,
CA 94558
(707) 224-3300

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